“As a creative director Carrie’s artistry and vision is unparalleled. What makes her a standout is her ability to work with members of the team from editorial staff, to advertisers, to program managers. She is able to consider all needs from the content to the client and bring it all together in a beautiful, professional and intentional presentation. She is organized, constructive, loyal and collaborative. She is incredibly talented and I was honored to work on the same team as she.”

Christine O’Donnell, IOM, Director of Advertising Sales, NSBA


For over fifteen years Carrie Marty Carroll has worked on design project's big and small in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area with one continuous goal in mind—creating high-quality, sophisticated design that always surpasses a client's expectations but never exceeds one's budget. From in-depth web site creation to national branding campaigns, Carrie works tirelessly to provide exceptional creative design and management perspective.

Carrie brings a wide-range of design expertise including: web design and development, comprehensive magazine design and print production, and direction of corporate identity campaigns—from logo execution to web site launch. She has built her career on invaluable exposure to distinct audiences in both the public and private sectors. Currently employed as the Vice President of Brand.UI.UX at Clarabridge and founder of The Twin Source, LLC, a personal creative endeavor.


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